Report Types

As you likely know by now, Asset Panda has lots of great options and functionalities. One thing you may not yet know however, is that we also offer the ability to create and generate specialized reports on your assets. These specialized reports could be created for taxes, business records and more.  Basically, your Asset Panda reports can be designed to meet a variety of needs.


Reports tend to fall under one of the main categories of: 


  • Group Reports: Pulls current data points from records within a group and consolidates them into a report template. (An example report would be an Assets by Status report.)


  • Action Reports: Pulls action history from an action from your workflow, preventing you the need to view action history on an asset-by-asset basis. (An example would be in viewing the repairs performed on assets from the previous month.)


  • Change Reports: Tracks configuration changes made within your group settings or on the asset record level. Can be filtered down to changes made by a specific user and/or field name. Note that the creation of a record is not captured by the change logs. You would need to create a notification on a group for when adding new object. (Refer to About Notifications for more information on types of notifications.)


  • Audit Reports: Generates a report template from audits performed on the Asset Panda mobile app.