Status Specific Actions

Status specific actions are useful for limiting what an action can do and we'll explain by creating an example. We'll create a Checkout action and we'll configure it so that it can only be performed on records with an Available status.


Check out Create or Modify an Action if you need help with creating or modifying an action. Got it? Great! Let's proceed!


First things first. Adding a filter to an action is the key to making it status specific. We'll show you how.


1. Click to select your settings  icon, and then select Group Settings.



2. Select Actions in the group you want to create the action within.



3. Click Edit on the action you wish to edit. 



4. Click the Add New Limitation link. 



5. Select Status from the first drop-down menu, and leave the second as the default of Like

6. Click within the third field to open a list of selections, and then select Available (see below).



Note: The Available status in our example means that we can only perform this specific checkout action if the asset we are trying to checkout has a status of Available.


7. Click Save and Close to save your work. 


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