About Fields

Fields contain the data stored within each group, and are the way Asset Panda captures information. Fields can be looked at much the same as the form you complete when purchasing a new asset. You'd likely enter its name, serial number, and other pertinent information. This is the information that Asset Panda collects within fields.


Of course, we also realize that there's not a one size fits all when it comes to fields, which is why there are different types. Each of these types contains different, configurable parameters, and are different from group to group. You'll need to add a new field each time you want to collect a new (or different) piece of information. You also see fields on the listing screen, so let’s look at your assets.


You'll see your fields when viewing your group listings (when you open a group).



We recommend proceeding to Field Type Descriptions to learn more about Asset Panda field types. 

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