Field Type Descriptions

Asset Panda offers several choices when setting up Fields within your Groups and/or Actions. See the table below to help ensure that you are selecting the Field type that best fits your workflow.

Field Type



Converts numbers to include the currency symbol that is set up as your default currency, along with two decimal points. Currency fields can be summed in reports and included in numeric calculations. You can now change the currency type for each individual currency field.


Contains a date selection tool in the form of a drop down calendar (date picker). Dates can be linked to the calendar and allow you to set up dynamic date range notifications.

Date Based on Another Date


When adding a new date field, you can now use an existing date field to create an ‘interval’ date field within the same group.  Ex: If you have a Purchase Date field within your assets, you can add a

Warranty Expiration field be adding a time interval to the Purchase Date.

Date Calculation

Performs a calculation based on another date field in the group.

Date Time

Prompts the user to select date and time.

Date Time Stamp

Displays the date and time that the action is performed. Cannot be edited.


Displays text as an email link.

Group List

Links to another Group by displaying values from the linked Group. For example: You can create a drop-down list of Locations by pulling Location names from the Location Group.


Allows you to create a drop-down list of predefined options.


For use when lengthier text is needed. There is no character limit.

Multiple Group List

Allows users to select multiple values from within the same Group.

Multiple List

Allows users to select multiple values from a drop-down list.


Supports numbers only. Can be used in system-generated numeric calculations and to provide sums on reports.

Numeric Calculation

Calculates a value between two numeric or currency fields using +, -, /, *


Configures value into phone number format and hyperlinks from mobile app.


Displays a signature panel for capturing signatures digitally.


Unique field type that can be used in user permissions, filters, and more. This Field Type typically pulls in a list of values from the Status Field link within your Group Settings.


Holds plain text or data that doesn't fit into any other type of field well. Text fields are the most versatile field type, in which you can enter any kind of character. There is a 256 character limit for this Field Type.


A field that displays a URL (Web address) as a link.

User Stamp

Displays the username of the user currently logged in. Cannot be changed.

Yes/No Radio

Users can select either Yes or No radio buttons. This is typically used for confirmation purposes or as an option for actions involving checklists.